The Silver Spoon: brand new 2011 edition

by Doc-G on January 3, 2012

The Silver Spoon
The Silver Spoon: new edition

Phaidon Press reissues Italy’s most successful cookery book in November

Italy’s best-selling cookery bible, The Silver Spoon, took the world by storm in 2005 when it was published in English for the first time by celebrated publishers Phaidon Press, selling over one million copies worldwide.

Now available in 12 languages, The Silver Spoon will be launched in a new revised edition in November 2011, and promises to set alight the nation’s taste buds for authentic, home-cooked Italian food.

The Silver Spoon
Pizza Napoletana

Featuring a gorgeous red cover, the new edition of The Silver Spoon includes 400 stunning new photographs as well as new introductory material, such as how to compose a traditional Italian meal, how to set an Italian table and typical food traditions of different regions. It also contains a section with original menus from the 15 most famous Italian chefs of the last 50 years. Additionally, it includes menus from Italian celebrity chefs working in Australia, including Stefano Manfredi, Karen Martini and Stefano de Pieri.

The Silver Spoon or Il Cucchiaio d’Argento as it is known in Italy, was first published in 1950 when a group of cooking experts were commissioned to collect hundreds of traditional Italian recipes from different regions, making them available for the first time to a wider audience. In the process, they updated ingredients, quantities and methods to suit contemporary tastes and customs, while at the same time preserving the memory of traditional recipes for future generations.

The Silver Spoon
Roman Saltimbocca

Like its previous versions the new revised edition is presented in a simple and user-friendly format that makes it both accessible and a pleasure to read. With over 2,000 recipes, all of which have been fully revised and updated for modern kitchens, The Silver Spoon is the definitive book on Italian cooking and stands alongside other culinary classics such as The Joy of Cooking and Larousse Gastronomique. Now with its exciting new additions, the new and updated edition will ensure that it remains a kitchen staple for years to come.

The Silver Spoon
Grilled Stuffed Squid

Chef Endorsements:

Stefano de Pieri:
‘The Silver Spoon is an Italian classic that you can never get enough of, it represents the soul of Italian cookery’.

Stefano Manfredi:
‘Every cook who loves Italian food should have Il Cucchiaio d’Argento in their library. Not only is it indispensable as a recipe reference, but also as a source of inspiration’.

Giorgio Locatelli:
‘Throughout the years, I have seen chefs in many different kitchens refer to all types of cookery books. But Il cucchiaio d’argento is the only book that made it to my Mum’s kitchen. Most Italians consider this book their ‘Bible’ on home cookery’.

Angela Hartnett:
‘The Silver Spoon was the first Italian cookery book I ever bought. It is an excellent reference for classical Italian recipes and I’m delighted that at last it is being translated into English’.

Gordon Ramsay:
‘The Silver Spoon is an amazing encyclopedia of Italian food – comprehensive and inspiring’.

Gennaro Contaldo:
‘It’s my kitchen bible – I’ve had a copy for as long as I can remember’.

The Silver Spoon

from the book The Silver Spoon (new edition) 2011
Phaidon Press

Photographs by Edward Park and courtesy of Phaidon Press

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