Turkey and Cranberry Burger with Wholegrain Mustard and Pecan Mayo

by Doc-G on December 20, 2011

Sick of dry roast Turkey that you struggle to even swallow? This Turkey Burger uses the classic pairing of cranberries and pecans to make a burger that is fit for serving at the christmas table but which you can serve any time of the year. Just in case you are wondering about the watermark at the bottom of the image, I haven’t taken this from someone else but it is a ‘sneak preview’ for a little side project that I am working on. I will announce it in full when it is ready but couldn’t resist releasing this to both give you a sneak preview as well as a great alternative recipe for your Christmas break. I would like to wish all of you a wonderful upcoming Christmas and hope you all have happy holidays and look forward to showing you more new and wonderful ‘foodological’ stuff in the new year and beyond!

Turkey Cranberry Burger


500g Turkey Mince
1 teaspoon (approx 6g) Salt
3 cloves Garlic (crushed)
1 teaspoon chopped fresh Thyme
1/3 cup dried Cranberries
2/3 cup real egg Mayonnaise
3 Tablespoons Wholegrain Dijon Mustard
4 Tablespoons roughly chopped Pecans
4 Hamburger Buns
Rocket (Arugula)
Sliced Tomatoes (optional)


To make the burger patties, mix the turkey mince, salt, garlic, thyme together in a bowl until well mixed. Then add the cranberries and mix lightly until well combined. Lightly wet your hands and divide the mixture into 4 equal parts and roll into balls and place onto a plastic cutting board covered with a sheet of baking paper. Place another piece of baking paper on top of the balls and flatten them lightly either by hand or with a rolling pin. Place the burger patties into the fridge and chill for at least an hour. During this time, they should firm up.

To make the mayo, place the Mayonnaise, Mustard and chopped pecans into a bowl and mix well to combine. Place in the fridge until ready to use.

Grill the burgers either on a BBQ or a frying pan on a medium heat until cooked through. Grill the buns until lightly toasted and arrange the rocket (arugula), tomato (if using), mayo and patty on the bun and enjoy!

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