Food Trends for 2013

by Doc-G on December 27, 2012

So it is that time of the year when we start to look forward to 2013 as 2012 draws to a close and I make some thought out but light hearted predictions as to what will be the Food Trends for 2013. These are not necessarily ‘definitive’ but are based on my own observations both as someone who eats and as a participant in the food industry.

1. Korean and South American food – will be the ‘cool’ cuisines of 2013. Kimchi will be on everyone’s plate this year and chimichurri sauce will be on everyone’s steaks.

2. Continuation of gourmet junk food. – Many of the traditional foods which have become prone to corporatisation and ‘cheapening’ have gained providence through the use of their makeovers with high end input ingredients. For example burgers from organic breads and brand name beef. Hot dogs and fried chicken wings from organic chickens and award winning small goods makers etc.

3. Perceived ‘gourmet-isation’ of supermarket chains. – where in house bakeries, sushi bars, visible chefs and butchers will be repackaging the same products from the same producers in order to bring a more ‘market feel’ to stores to try to woo customers.

4. Continued blur of sweet and savoury. – This will be a furtherance in the cause of ‘salty-sweet’ indicated by the popularity of salted caramels. Bacon and Maple syrup will play a role, as will the dudes from Epic Meal Time. Longer term, Americans for the sake of ‘saving time’ will eliminate the concept of courses and all 3 will be merged in one dish involving both savoury and sweet.

5. Merge of casual and fine dining – some people have lamented the death of fine dining. I think that whilst there are French men in charge of kitchens, traditional fine dining will continue. However for many of us, the idea of going for a an experience of ‘haute cuisine’ will be simplified and focused further on the type of food we eat on a daily basis but made with a unique and somewhat ‘gourmet’ twist and served in a more ‘casual way’.

6. Increased focus on US/other fusion. Think about what we have seen David Changs American/Korean cuisine and you start to get the picture. Think of your favourite American foods and combine it with flavour profiles from any easily identifiable ethnicity.

7. Reclamation of Urban Space for primary production of food – whether it be building roofs or walls, disused factories or land, the use of this space will become increasingly needed for feeding an ever growing global population. We have seen it done in an experimental way but the use of this space will become more important to those living in high density urban spaces.

8. Sour will have its day!

9. Vietnamese food will continue its growth out of the ‘usual’ locations and further into Australian suburbia. Like soya and sweet chilli, elements of Vietnamese cuisine will become assimilated onto the tables of every Australian dining table. I look forward to this.

10. ‘Normal’ Health will continue its decline. – BMI and resting HR’s will continue to get higher ‘normal’ levels as the populations of rich countries continue to deal with an abundance of calories whilst the poorest on the planet will continue to wonder where their next meal is coming from.

11. Food Waste – will become recognised as being just as important as food miles as the wider population begin to understand the implications of the 40% of food that is thrown away and people begin to realise that the nutritional value of food not eaten is zero.

12. The Red Lantern crew will continue to dominate.

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