Adelaide Show Podcast

by Doc-G on August 5, 2016


Hi everyone. I haven’t gone away despite my hiatus here. I am however spending a lot of time on my food business, promoting the SA food industry through my work as a board member with Food South Australia and developing our next food entrepreneurs through my work with Le Cordon Bleu as a lecturer in Gastronomy.

I did recently have the absolute pleasure of spending a little time with Steve and Nigel from ‘The Adelaide Show‘ podcast where I was the guest along with the lovely Amanda McInerney from Lambs Ear’s and Honey
we spoke about blogging, social media, influencers and the authentic way to cook your oats in the morning!

Feel free to have a listen below.

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Food Trends for 2016

December 29, 2015

It comes to the end of another year in food and we look towards what food trends we will be seeing in 2016. These predictions are based on my own observations of the food industry over the past year and are intended as a light hearted way to look at what may be coming up […]

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TEDx talk: Possibilities for the future of food. ‘Food: Old Questions…New Answers’

August 24, 2015

Late 2014, I was pretty excited to be invited by the organisers of TEDx: Flinders University to give a talk on ‘food’. Given the topic of the conference was ‘futures’ it felt appropriate to deliver a talk based on some future possibilities for our food supply given some of the challenges we face. On the […]

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Gaztelubide – Gastronomic Society – Donostia (San Sebastian) – Spain

January 12, 2015

Family is important. But at the same time, we all understand that not all of our family are related by birth. As a result of marriage, we gain people into our lives, whom we call family and then there are those of whom we grow up with and share our lives with, who we are […]

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Jamaican Goat Curry

August 22, 2014

*Disclosure: Whilst this product was received as a gift, I personally choose whether or not to review any products on this site and any opinions given are reflective of my opinions of the product rather than those of the company. Jamaican Goat Curry I’m generally pretty careful when offered a product to review. I try […]

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Hungarian Beigli

April 17, 2014

This is another recipe from my father and it has been a staple in my parents house ever since I can remember. My father always makes this at Christmas and Easter when it is traditionally served in Hungary. Beigli is also popular in various other cultures too including those in Central and Eastern Europe as […]

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Keane’s Organic

January 30, 2014

I was very happy to receive recently a lovely box of organic product from a local South Australian business Keane’s Organic which sells organic produce online. Where possible, all produce is sourced locally from South Australia and the quality of produce sent to me was outstanding. As a result, I was happy to give them […]

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Lobster Omelette

January 3, 2014

Almost every New Years Eve, we eat Lobster and on new years day, there is usually a few leftovers including a little bit of Lobster. Whilst this dish uses Lobster tail, you can use any Lobster meat that is leftover or alternatively you could buy it especially for this dish. A cheaper way to make […]

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Food Trends for 2014

December 30, 2013

As 2013 draws to an end, it is again time to make my predictions for what will be the Food Trends of 2014. Whilst somewhat light hearted, these predictions are based on my observations of food over the past 12 months not just as ‘someone who eats’ but also as a participant in the Australian […]

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Apple Pie

December 10, 2013

Hi all!! Long time, no see!!! My food business and my commitment to the food industry has taken much time away from my ability to blog about food in the last few months. In addition to that a couple of trips overseas this year has really put blogging on the back burner this year. Anyway, […]

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