The Tomahawk

by Doc-G on May 19, 2009

OK folks, I’m here today to tell you a little story about a steak that I just had. This story starts with a little visit I received recently from Bill Lindsay at Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA). He walked in with a little package which I tentatively opened to find an axe!

The invitation
The invitation

I was invited to a lunch and the axe was the invitation. Now I get a few invites to this sort of thing but besides that fact that it was being hosted by MLA, an organisation whose work I find admirable (not to mention helpful for my business), my interest was shall I say, taken! The event was taking place at Sparrow Kitchen and Bar on O’Connell street in trendy North Adelaide.

“What’s all this about Bill?”, I enquired gingerly.

“Just come along and you’ll find out on the day”, was Bill’s only response.

The meal started in a very civilised way, the starter being a roasted calves liver with a potato puree, caramelised shallots and a madeira glaze. Now, liver and onions is a pretty old fashioned dish that you generally only see being served to, how can I put it, elderly gentlemen to which I have noticed, they generally look pretty excited to be receiving. This was a slightly more modern take on the dish and I can say that I fully understand what all the excitement is about. The potato puree was too smooth to be considered a mash, it was silky and rich and the calves liver was cooked a little pink but had magnificent flavour and texture. The shallots were lovely, brown and sweet and with the madeira glaze gave a wonderful counterpoint to the liver which had a mild and not too ‘livery’ flavour. The potato puree made the whole dish silky, unctuous and delicious.

The invitation
Roasted Calves Liver, caramelised shallots, potato puree and madeira glaze
07 Pillar Box Reserve Shiraz, 06 Dead Letter Office Shiraz

The guest chef for this meal was Chris Taylor from Fraser’s Restaurant in Perth WA, where Chris was one of the first to introduce the main course concept to Australia where it originated from the USA. Now, I was to find out why I had received an axe as an invitation. The Tomahawk as it has become known is pretty much a huge steak. Derived from a standing rib-roast, it is almost the like the beef equivalent of a french lamb cutlet. They are designed to be cut at the diners table, adding a bit of culinary theatrics to the steak eating ritual. It has become extremely popular in Fraser’s Restaurant in Perth where Taylor serves it made from Wagyu steak. The sample we tried was from Richard Gunner’s Coorong Angus Beef, located in South Australia.

The invitation
Just take a look at that!!

After being cut and served, the beef was served with a number of sides including a garden salad, grilled mushrooms, some wonderful onion rings and a mac’ and cheese that was simply to die for. The beef however as centre of plate was the star of the show.

The invitation
Tomahawk steaks, 150 day grain fed, MSA, aged on the bone, from the south east with selection of side dishes and condiments.
05 Parson’s Flat Shiraz/Cabernet, 06 Henry’s Drive Shiraz

After serving, Chris Taylor prowled the dining floor with the bones for anyone wishing to ‘have a chew’. This was an opportunity that I simply couldn’t turn down and I was not to be disappointed.

The invitation
One satisfied Foodologist

Ultimately, the Tomahawk is just a steak. Cut from Coorong Angus Beef, it was a delicious piece of steak and as an event, it was truly wonderful and an experience that I shall remember with reverence until I partake of my next one.

The wine was generously donated by Henry’s Drive Vignerons and Chef Chris Taylor is executive chef of Fraser’s Restaurant in Perth, WA.

The event was held at:
Sparrow Kitchen and Bar,
10 O’Connel Street,
North Adelaide,
SA, 5006.

Thanks to Bill Lindsay and Lachlan Bowtel from Meat and Livestock Australia for organising the event.

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