TEDx talk: Possibilities for the future of food. ‘Food: Old Questions…New Answers’

by Doc-G on August 24, 2015

Late 2014, I was pretty excited to be invited by the organisers of TEDx: Flinders University to give a talk on ‘food’. Given the topic of the conference was ‘futures’ it felt appropriate to deliver a talk based on some future possibilities for our food supply given some of the challenges we face.

On the 27th of February, 2015, I delivered this talk called ‘Food: Old Questions…New Answers’.

Given the open ended nature of the topic, the limits of the talk are very quickly reached within a 15 minute time frame and there are many topics that I simply did not have time to address such as the role of GMO’s in the future food supply but it was an interesting topic to look forward given what we believe to be the current state of play for the world. Other things that weren’t addressed were issues such as whether changes in geo-political situations would change the state of play for various nation players and their food supplies.

Either way, it was a most enjoyable exercise to do and an honour to be asked.

Thanks for watching!

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