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by Doc-G on November 14, 2012

Tim Ferriss has brought out his new book, ‘The 4 Hour Chef’ as usual to much fanfare. The online marketing genius has this time chosen the topic of food as his subject for improving our lives and saving us time in only the way that Tim Ferriss can. Much like ‘The 4 Hour Body’, he has also created a highly cool ‘trailer’ which you can watch above.

Only having seen the trailer and read the synopsis, it looks like this will be typical Tim Ferriss ‘fare‘ and will not merely be an approach to food or a bunch of recipes. Tim’s books always make some sort of outlandish claims and his explanations are usually based on his own research on himself (falling into the ‘life-hacking’ category) and some well placed industry expertise. If his previous books are anything to go by, you will finish the book pumped and raring to try everything contained within.

According to the synopsis, after reading his book, we can expect to do the following:

“- Compress 6 months of culinary school into 48 hours
- Emulate the geniuses behind restaurants like Alinea, ABC Kitchen, Saison, Hearth, Riverpark, and others.
- Cook world-class sea bass in a bathroom sink in 20 minutes
- Use food for seduction, whether on first dates, or 10th anniversaries
- Create amazing cocktails like bacon-infused bourbon and tequila cigar-foam hot chocolate
- Cook an epic clam-bake in a garbage can
- Get VIP treatment at restaurants and bars
- Forage a meal from a city park or catch and eat pidgeons
- Cook without recipes for a lifetime”

Synopsis courtesy of 4hourchef.com

All I can say is that even if 10% of this is true, a lot of readers of ‘The 4 Hour Chef’ will be very happy campers indeed.

BIG on promise!! Let’s hope it delivers!!!

As a fan of his previous work, I am itching to read The 4 Hour Chef as his subject matter will be on terms much more similar to my own skill set so in some ways, I will be in a much better position to properly evaluate this book and more importantly, its content.

You can of course buy the book here and let me know your thoughts on it:

Having read the other two books, I can say that Tim Ferriss as an author is both motivating and infectious.

His previous foray into the culinary world was via the ’4 Hour Body’ where he is a proponent of the idea of ‘slow carb eating’. I have to say, I was a big fan of this as I had previously lost 35kg (77lb’s) using a very similar approach and still use the ‘kettle bell swings’ that I learnt from ‘The 4 Hour Body’ to keep in shape. For those unaware (surely there are still a few of you!!), his knowledge of online marketing and business creation is outlined in ‘The 4 Hour Work Week’. It seems that the culinary world is his latest muse (to use his terminology).

You can buy his other books here:

Either way, I’m looking forward to his next instalment and if there is anything of note to ‘The Foodologist’, you will be sure to read about it right here!

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