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by Doc-G on May 31, 2013

The Sneaky Pickle Van

’twas a tweet that got me to visit The Sneaky Pickle van before the deluge of rain began…

It is exactly this kind of tweet that gets me pretty excited. You only have to have a look here and here. Unfortunately, upon arrival, I discovered that 1. The brisket was slow roasted rather than smoked and 2. They had run out. I just want to start by saying that I can fully understand their reasoning for slow roasting rather than smoking and the fact that they had run out seems to indicate that it was a big success. Being able to ‘taste’ a small piece of what was left, indicated that it was every bit as good as it should have been. Fortunately however, I didn’t have to merely ‘settle’ for something else, for they certainly had ‘smoked’ and ‘tasty’ and ‘scrumptious’ well and truly still available on the menu!

I went for what is relatively popular these days which was the Pulled Pork sandwich. Made properly, these bad boys are a ‘jewel to behold’. And this was both made and served exactly how it should have been, in a soft bun with coleslaw. The meat was soft, juicy and had just the right amount of ‘bark’ exterior to soft interior as well as perfect amounts of BBQ sauce and a zesty coleslaw. It was accompanied by a delicious and small piece of sweetcorn and a sneaky side serving of pickle!

Pulled Pork w/Coleslaw, Sweetcorn and ‘Sneaky Pickle’

Something else on the menu also caught my eye. Mac ‘n Cheese ‘fingers. Most people usually agree that Mac ‘n Cheese on its own is normally a good enough start. But when you cut these into fingers, coat them in breadcrumbs, fry them and serve them with a tasty cheeky pickle salsa, ‘good enough’ just doesn’t quite cut it! This was ‘manna’ and truly worthy.

Mac ‘N Cheese Fingers w/Cheese Sauce and a ‘Sneaky Pickle’ Salsa

It is great to see the ‘Food Van’ scene in Adelaide not just flourishing but also really providing diners with quality and choice. This gang was really nice to deal with and really wanted to tell me about their products, how they were made and what was in them. This is the sign of commitment that I personally love to see in the food industry and all I can say to these guys and girls is well done, I will definitely be back and if you havent been already, then I strongly advise you to try the ‘Sneaky Pickle’!!

Find them here:
and here

Sneaky Pickle Roaming Food Truck on Urbanspoon

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