Momofuku 4 Lunch

by Doc-G on January 14, 2011

It is with a blog post title inspired by a fan website and a book written by a culinary genius that brings you this post. This post is more to document where I am with the influence of David Chang’s recipes rather that a how to or anything else. Since getting this book, I can honestly say that my eyes have been somewhat ‘re-opened’ and I look at food in a totally different way as a result of learning more about David Chang and his book Momofuku. His fusion of traditional asian and american cuisines to create food that is not only a little bit funky and lovely to look at but mind blowing in terms of flavour, texture and taste.

I cant say that I’ve created every recipe out of the book (Click HERE for a blogger who has: (but I can say that I eventually will) but there are a few things that I keep coming back to and one in particular that I make now at least a few times a week (ginger scallion sauce). I now know it well enough to make it now my own way with a few additions and changes to suit my taste. We had both sets of parents over a couple of weeks back and decided to make a Momofuku inspired lunch because I wanted to share my experiences with the book with others in a way that still represented the way that I cook.

Grilled Asparagus with miso-butter sauce and Sous Vide egg (75min @ 64.5)

The original recipe calls for a higher ratio of miso to butter than what I now use. All other ingredients are the same and he also describes a method for making the eggs that doesn’t require an immersion circulator. I make the eggs using the circulator (see my post)

Char grilled beef fillet with ginger scallion sauce and kimchi
Chang mentions that, ‘you want ginger scallion sauce in your life’. He is totally correct in making this assumption and I agree, you do need this sauce in your life. Of everything in the book, this is what I use the most. He mentions it being good on grilled meats. Correction, it is AWESOME on grilled meats and I use it on grilled chicken more than I do anything else. On this occasion however, it went really well with a piece of beef fillet. Served with some spicy kimchi, the dish is complete. I have heard Chang’s kimchi recipe described by some as sweet. I think it’s really rather nice but one can play around with the levels of sugar if required but remember it is needed to help the fermentation process take place.

Crack Pie
See my post here which includes the LA times recipe. What can I say about Crack Pie? It is trashy, decadent, delicious and completely genius! This was what got me to buy the book and the book is what really has opened my eyes to so many new and different things.

Anyway, I hope you like the way some of this food looks. I can assure you that the way it tastes is completely out of this world. I do think that Chang’s book, Momofuku will have a long lasting effect on the way many people cook and what is lovely about it is that all of it can be done in the home which means that this influence can go all into people’s homes which is the most important way to influence the way we eat on a day to day basis.

Buy the book here:

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