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by Doc-G on June 24, 2011

I recently received a copy of Marion Grasby’s about to be released book courtesy of Pan MacMillan. As a fellow Gastronomy student, I was excited to see her both on Masterchef Australia but also now with the release of her first book, doing what she does best as a writer. I remember her during my time on the course and she was highly regarded as a student by both fellow students and teachers. Anyway, as the cover picture below demonstrates, her book really stands out and is sure to be a hit for both curious foodies and die hard Masterchef Australia fans. Contained within its 200′ odd pages are a plethora of recipes that highlight her diverse upbringing and background but with a definite leaning towards asian/thai/fusion.

Marion Grasby - Masterchef Australia

The recipes are geared towards home chefs and none require any kitchen gadgetry other than that what one would find in your average household kitchen. The photography and layout are modern and indicative of the current bunch of books that are on offer.

I have to say that I’m generally a bit sceptical of the whole Masterchef thing however, I can assure you that she is the real deal and I say that based on her as a fellow graduate of the gastronomy program rather than for her appearance on the show (I might add, I will now also disclose my admiration for the writing and photography of fellow food blogger Billy Law of who is a current contestant on Masterchef). I think in both cases that the show here was able to highlight (in this case) two people who would have likely done well anyway (I might add though that I don’t personally know any of the other contestants from the show).

All I can say apart from this is that the recipes and pictures look great and there are plenty of dishes contained within that I am wanting to try (see: Deep Fried Eggs with Smoked Eel Mash; Sticky Beef Ribs with Sweet Coriander Sauce). I wish Marion the best of luck with her future ventures in food.

The following text is from a press release courtesy of Pan MacMillan:

Marion Grasby loves food. If you ask what her favourite food is she’ll list at least ten things. A little bit Thai (courtesy of her Mum) and a little bit Australian (courtesy of her Dad), Marion‘s love of food and travel were ingrained at an early age – she spent her childhood living and eating throughout Papua New Guinea, Thailand and Australia.
In 2008 Marion’s life changed forever when she left behind a career as an ABC journalist to study for a Masters of Gastronomy. This allowed her to indulge her passion for food and gave her the confidence to audition for MasterChef. During the 2010 series, Marion wowed the country with her incredible cooking talent, her assured palate, her sunny personality and warmth.

Marion Grasby - Masterchef Australia

Fast forward a year and Marion has now realised one of her dreams – her glorious first cookbook Marion: Recipes and stories from a hungry cook will be released in July 2011.
The book draws on Marion’s own travels and experiences; the places she’s been and the people she’s cooked with. There are Thai, Italian, French and Middle Eastern inspired dishes … and of course, some firmly Aussie ones too. The recipes are designed for the home cook, food to make every night of the week. Divided into Mornings, Bowl Food, Small Plates, Big Plates, Sweetness and Things in Jars, Marion offers deliciously simple recipes such as My First Mussels, Colour-Me-Autumn Salad, Simple Seafood & Chorizo Soup and Beggar’s Chicken, as well as dinner-party showstoppers such as Chilli Mud Crab, Eight-Hour Lamb with Tomato and Herb Gravy, and Coconut and Kaffir Lime Panna Cottas with Strawberries and Lime Syrup.

Marion Grasby - Masterchef Australia

Sample menus show how to group dishes together for various occasions, making meal-planning a breeze.
Alongside stunning food photography by Sharyn Cairns, Marion is peppered with photographs from Marion’s travels throughout Australia and Thailand, including evocative images of Marion’s visit to the Thai village where her mum grew up. Quirky step-by–step illustrations by Melbourne artist Jane Reiseger reflect Marion’s fun approach to food, and with fascinating anecdotes and Marion’s invaluable cooking tips on every page, Marion is not only beautiful to look at, but a delight to read.

Marion Grasby - Masterchef Australia


During last year’s MasterChef series Marion endeared herself to the whole of Australia. The favourite to take out the second series, her surprise elimination before the finals week of the show made front page news across the country.
Despite her shock exit, Marion’s profile as one of Australia’s favourite foodies has gone from strength to strength: Marion has a monthly column in MasterChef Magazine, makes regular appearances on TV and has recently launched her own range of curry pastes, sauces and marinades called Marion’s Kitchen.To find out more about Marion’s cooking range, visit

Photo’s courtesy of Pan MacMillan

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