Geraldton Hill – South Australian made Artisan Toffee’s

by Doc-G on May 25, 2010

Whoever said Toffee’s were old fashioned? Well anyone who’s seen an advert for Werther’s Originals might be led to believe that but after trying some of Lynn Green’s artisan toffee’s from her company Geraldton Hill, I would describe them as traditional and authentic but never old fashioned.

After moving to Australia from Ohio, USA, Lynn Green launched Geraldton Hill in 2007, specializing in artisan hand made chocolate hand dipped packaged toffees, and is looking to branch out into other chocolate sweet creations over time. She uses Callebaut Chocolate (from the Belgian plant) and transfers sheets from the US with the balance of ingredients being Australian. Of her foray into the confectionary industry, Lynn says, “It has been an amazing journey so far and one that I am enjoying immensely. I just wish that it didnt take me so long to find my passion!”

With a daughter home doing year 8 and two sons, (one is doing a gap year on the farm but moving back to Adelaide next year to attend Uni, and the other is boarding in Adelaide), Lynn is very conscious of being present for her daughter while she is still home. According to Lynn, ‘It is all about time management, hard work and a bit of sleep deprivation!’ She is acutely aware that all successful businesses grow slowly and wisely and refuses to sacrifice quality for quantity. Whilst she wishes to remain niche, she currently sells through retail outlets comprising of gift shops, florists, gift basket businesses, cafes, her local IGA and the odd Caravan park on the Peninsula. She also does cater for wedding bonbonniere and supply party favours upon request and may move to eventually sell online. She also regularly posts orders around Australia quite successfully in styro containers.

The products themselves are truly wonderful. Generally when I eat toffee, I expect something either fudgelike or something so hard and sweet that breaks teeth immediately. Lynn’s creations however are truly sublime. Biting into the product, you are first greeted by a gentle crunch followed by a smooth crumble after which the warmth of ones mouth dissolves the toffee into a sweet but not cloying molten magma of heaven. Interspersed with nuts which give the product depth and roundness and fine chocolate whose slight bitterness serves as a counterpoint to the sweetness of the toffee, these products ooze lovliness with every bite!

If you happen to find these lovely little morsels, I urge you to try them. If you can’t find them, get your local purveyor of fine foods to get them for you. Finally, failing that, you can contact Lynn directly whose contact details are listed below. If you want, you can find all the current purchase locations for Geraldton Hill products listed on her website

Geraldton Hill Farm
PO Box 54 Bute SA 5560
Ph- (08) 88262002
Mob- 0412 080 241
Fax- (08) 88262374

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