From Scratch Pātisserie

by Doc-G on June 21, 2012

From Scratch Patisserie
From Scratch Patisserie

Recently I met up with a couple of fellow bloggers, Helen from ‘Grab your Fork‘, Billy from ‘A Table for Two‘ and Dan from ‘Pike on a Plate‘ at the Adelaide Farmers Market. Billy and Helen were in town for Tasting Australia and it is always nice to see them when I get the chance and it was also great to meet fellow Adelaide blogger Dan. After a bit of a look around the market, we all decided that we kind of liked the way a particular bakery stand looked.

The place…’From Scratch’. The branding was nice, the stall was kind of rustic and cute and the products looked fantastic. So we each bought a little pastry to try and immediately my mind was blown. These things were insanely good. The pastry was light and crumbly and rich and buttery and just so….right. The next few moments could only be described as a blur as I emptied the contents of my wallet into the hands of their nearest staff member and bought up as much of their stuff as I could to take home.

From Scratch Patisserie
Choc ‘N’ Pox
softer pastry with vanilla baked pastry cream and choc chips

It has been some weeks now since my first encounter with ‘From Scratch’ and the love has not diminished one bit, so I felt it was my duty to share this little gem with you all and tell you a little bit more about them. Every time I go there, I try something new and every time I am blown away. Jonny and Edwina started the business nearly 3 years ago as a bit of a hobby and are clearly passionate about what they do. You can see in each individual item the attention to detail and a clear love of food that drives the making of each product.

From Scratch originally started with Jonny and Edwina selling their products at a few farmers markets and growth was good but it was not until the rules on selling baked goods at the Adelaide Farmers Market changed, allowing them in, which seriously changed the demand for the products. Since then, they’ve taken on baking full time and haven’t looked back since.

Taking advantage of Jonny’s background in coffee, they also recently bought a caravan for serving food and drinks and forms part of their drive to create the same feel for European markets that they experienced during travels overseas. Selling their products at Farmers markets also means that the consumer feedback they get as a result of direct customer interaction allows them to get a very quick feel for what works and what doesn’t and helps them to direct their product development.

From Scratch Patisserie
Ugly Raspbettie
brittle pastry, rolled with vanilla pastry cream and raspberry then dusted with cinnamon sugar

Whilst their influences are described as French and Italian, they also are influenced by modern trends and techniques but have a strong respect for tradition. They are also heavily influenced by what they eat, whether it is a cake, pastry or even a name or a play on words which will direct them in the creation of their delicate morsels. Jonny’s experience with coffee also influences his experience with pastry too where the need to seek balance is important.

In their search for baked goods perfection, they are continuously questioning their products and motives. ‘Is it too heavy?’, ‘Could you eat more?’, ‘How does it go with coffee?’. This balance is also evident in their products such as their ‘Easy Peasy, Ham N Cheesy’ which is crispy and chewy, salty and sweet where the contrasts are balanced but create a gustatory interest which can only be resolved by one thing…more pastry!!!

From Scratch Patisserie
Apple Nanni Frangipani
butter puff pastry with vanilla apples and a crumble topping

When asked how they got the name ‘From Scratch’, I was told that it came about as a result of a quick need to identify their business for an upcoming market appearance. As a result of them making their products fresh ‘from scratch’ they not only decided on it as a name but what is also interesting is how the term ‘From Scratch’ has since become something of a guiding principle for the team and is part of their commitment ‘not to cut corners and make products with good ingredients using good traditional methods and techniques’. This principle is clearly evident in every bite.

What can I say? If you haven’t tried their products, you are missing out….

Their products are available either from the Adelaide Farmers markets every Sunday or from the Leigh St pop-up market every Friday morning. If you see them anywhere else, let me know and let all your friends know too!!

From Scratch Patisserie
Can be found every Sunday at the Adelaide Farmers Market

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