Foodologist at the World Food Media Awards!

by Doc-G on May 5, 2010

It was a Monday night. I’d just arrived home and was helping my daughter with her dinner before preparing and eating dinner for my wife and myself when I received a desperate phone call from someone entrenched in the meat industry. They wanted to know if I and my company (Olga’s Fine Foods Pty Ltd) could provide them with 400 mini burgers. The time line for this was 45 minutes and we didn’t have anything in stock that would suit them. Needless to say, the person who rang knew that I was the sort of person who was silly enough to say ‘Yes, of course I can help you out’ to such requests. They were short of some stock and had to sort something out at the last second. This sort of thing happens routinely behind the scenes as like with most things, spanners invariably get thrown into ‘the works’.

So into the car and down to the factory I went, not speeding but driving literally like a man on a mission. Upon walking into our coolroom, I was met with tubs of various mixtures ready for tomorrows production, upon which I decided on some of our own gourmet burger mixture and put it into a tub to take to the Intercontinental in Adelaide. Whilst the valet’s parked my car, I was met at the front by a group of people from the steaming depths of the kitchen who helped me carry the product down to the bowels of the hotel where culinary dreams are made. We had around half an hour to shape this mixture into 400 x 30g burgers. This dream had started off as something of a nightmare!

It suddenly dawned on me that this event was something rather special. Men with French accents were storming around the kitchen telling juniors to slice the sashimi and others were demanding bottles of truffle oil as smells of a wonderous nature began to tease my senses. After asking what was going on, I was duly informed that all this action was preparation for the after party of the World Food Media Awards.

As the guests were arriving, we stood there in the kitchens, shaping these burgers whilst waiters and waitresses took our the gourmet hors d’oeuvres after which they came back giggling like school children about how they had just met such and such food celeb. Two of our burger makers then had to slip off to get changed as they were attending the event which left me and one other to finish the job.

Making the burgers
Making the burgers

As time ticked away, we finished, just in time for the Head Chef, a French man of high culinary repute who came over to see how we were going. I breathed nervously as he looked over the product we had created for him. ‘OK, good’, he said casually and walked off. I was tired, breathless and amazed that we were able to finish just in time. The head chefs response was the sort of ‘praise’ I had become used to in such situations and knew that he was happy as the product had not been thrown on the floor with us being told in expletive ridden tones to ‘start again’.

In kind for sorting it out, I was told to go home, get some dinner (finally!) and get changed and come back so that I could attend the after party. It was a great evening and I met up with some old friends and met some new ones too. It was great to catch up with Helen from ‘Grab your Fork’ and Billy from ‘A Table for Two’, two of Australia’s favourite food blogs. Also met Poh from Masterchef who was looking glamorous as ever and Paul Rankin who was at the time desperate to find some of the noodles that were going around at the time. There were many others there too, Australian and foreign and overall it was a great night.

The burgers were doing the ’rounds too and appeared to be very popular. One food writer I spoke to had eaten three and was desperate to find a fourth. This was a good sign (at least for me!). I would love to find out if anyone who attended and was reading this has a picture they would let me put into this post as they looked superb.

Just another day in the life of your average ‘Foodologist’.

Regards to all!


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