Food Label – Epic Fail!

by Doc-G on December 9, 2009

This irks me so much!

Given that I seem to be getting emails with lots of funny pictures with ‘Epic Fail’ written somewhere on it, I thought I would give my own food based version. In my (temporary?) quest to better my health I opted today for a Nut Bar which was ‘high in fibre’ rather than my usual chocolate doughnut. The company that makes this product is not alone it its claims. Almost all products of this nature (ie nut bars) seem to contain an allergen warning insisting that this product ‘might contain traces of peanuts’ after listing peanuts in its ingredient declaration.

I would bloody hope so!

I would hope to traces of peanuts in each and every single unit sold given its product description.

Food Label - Epic Fail!

I fully understand the need to identify allergens in food products and this is an issue that I deal with on a daily basis in my own food company and the problem lies not with the manufacturer but with the legislation in place that requires companies to list all allergenic compounds that either are or might due to cross contamination be in that product. I also understand that some people have violent and often deadly allergic reactions to peanuts but when a producer of a nut based product is required to declare that its product might contain traces of nuts, I draw the line and for that, it gets Epic Fail status.

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