Declaration of Adelaide on the Future of Food

by Doc-G on December 29, 2005

This declaration was made at the Adelaide Food Summit held in October, 2005 in Adelaide, South Australia. Further signatories of which I was one signed the declaration at the Food Media Club of Australia breakfast on Saturday the 29th of October.

Dun Gifford

This declarations was made in response to the keynote speech of the Adelaide Food Summit by the President of the Boston-based Oldways Preservation Trust, K. Dun Gifford who believes that this Declaration will have real impact far beyond the state of South Australia and even of Australia.

Declaration of Adelaide on the Future of Food

We the undersigned food professionals express our deep concerns about the future of food and agriculture in Australia, and about the well-being of the population and the implications of increasing obesity.

Gathered here at the Adelaide Food Summit organised by Tasting Australia`


1. Access to safe, wholesome food in adequate quantities is a basic human right, and governments must accord high priority to giving force and effect to this right.

2. Public food policies and programs, such as in schools and hospitals, should be encouraged to include fresh, local, minimally-processed and seasonal foods.

3. Promoting sustainable agricultural practices and preserving cultural and biological diversity are essential for the health of the planet and its inhabitants. To this end, governments should support sustainable, small-scale agriculture on the fringes of large population centres, and protect other threatened farmland.

4. Food producers should be appropriately rewarded for adopting and maintaining practices conducive to long-term sustainability.

5. It is essential that children learn at an early age about food production, flavour, food preparation and food culture; and about the impact of their food choices upon their well-being and that of the environment. All schools have a responsibility in this.

6. Governments need to adopt the precautionary principle in respect to new technologies associated with food.


K. Dun Gifford, President, Oldways Preservation Trust, Boston, USA
Jane Adams, Chairman, Australian Farmers’ Markets Association, NSW
Stephanie Alexander, food writer, Victoria
Maggie Beer, cook, writer, food, South Australia
Antonio Carluccio, TV presenter, broadcaster and food writer, UK
Ian Hemphill, President, Food Media Club of Australia, NSW
Gina Mallet, author of Last Chance to Eat, Canada
Lyndey Milan, Food Director, Australian Women’s Weekly, and TV presenter, NSW
John Newton, journalist and author, NSW
Jill Norman, food writer, UK
Ian Parmenter, Festival Director, Tasting Australia, WA
Cherry Ripe, food writer and author, NSW
Associate Professor Barbara Santich, Graduate Program in Gastronomy, University of Adelaide, SA
Joanna Savill, journalist and TV presenter, SBS, NSW


Tamara Rubanowski, Editor, Essentially Food, NZ
Jason Mumford, Chef, Couran Cove Is Resort, QLD
Justin Harris, Chef, Mooorilla Estate, Hobart, TAS
Iain Todd, Chef, The Henry Jones Art House, Hobart, TAS
Andre Kropp, Chef, The Henry Jones Art house, Hobart, TAS
Natasha Harris, Maitre D’, Ruby Chord, Hobart, TAS
Kaylene Murray, Editor, Noosa Style Magazine, QLD
Tom Murray, Food photographer, QLD Style Magazine, QLD
Averill Chase, Food and Wine Publisher, Sydney, NSW
Matthew Curtis, Food writer, VIC
Carol Ritchie, Cookin’ with Carol, Texas, USA
Gillian Carter, BBC Good Food, UK
Lauraine Jacobs, Cuisine Magazine Food Editor, NZ
Lynne Mullins, Food Writer/Presenter, Sydney, NSW
Faye Lablet, CEO Food Circus, QLD
Chris Stephan, The Food Studio Director, Adelaide, SA
Julie Ray, Food Stylist/Home Economist, NSW
Lachlan Bowtell, MLA, Sydney, NSW
Allie Reynolds, Cook/Food Commentator 891 Adelaide ABC, Adelaide, SA
Genevieve Harris, Chef/Food Writer, Adelaide, SA

Howard Twelftree, Adelaide Review, Adelaide, SA
Rosa Matto, Rosa Matto Cookery School, Adelaide, SA
Ragim Dey, The Spice Kitchen, Adelaide, SA
Jan Darling, Teacher, Cavan Education Country, SA
Belinda Hanson-Kenny, Food Technologist Balfours Pty Ltd
Margaret Kirkwood, Freelance Home Economist, QLD
Jill Stone, Herb Grower, Adelaide, SA
Liane Colwell, Exotic Catering & Liane Colwell Communications, Sydney, NSW
Cassandra Stokes, Television Food Freelance, Sydney, NSW
Colin Corney, Tasmanian Wine Eduacation, TAS
George Ujvary, Director Olgas Fine Foods & Consultant Foodology Consulting, Adelaide, SA
Helen Ujvary, Business Development Manager Olgas Fine Foods, Adelaide, SA
Margaret Brooker, Food Writer, NZ
Bruce Guerin, Radio Adelaide, SA
Benedict Beauge, Food Writer/Author, FRANCE
Sophie Grigson, Food Writer & Broadcaster, UK
Liz Hemphill, Director Herbie’s Spices & Writer
Barbara Lowery, ABC Radio
Julie Biuso, Food Writer/ Author, NZ
Catherine Bell, Food Writer/Editor, NZ
Christine Manfield, Chef/Author, Sydney/London
Maeve O’Meara, Gourmet Safaris SBS TV & Channel 7
Kingsley Sullivan, Artisan Baker, New Norcia, WA
William Studd, Master of Cheese, VIC
Greg Malouf, Chef Momo Restaurant, Melbourne, VIC
Christine Austin, Wine Writer, Yorkshire, UK
Shannon Bennett, Chef Vue de Monde, Melbourne, VIC
Margaret Johnson, Food Editor The West Australian
Gavan Disney, TV Producer
Elaine Reeves, Food Writer The Mercury, Hobart, TAS
Rebecca Skinner, Editor Australian Wine Selector
Damien Pignolet, Chef/Author
Roberta Miur, MA Gastronomy & Manager Sydney Seafood School, NSW
Ernie Whalley, Editor Food and Wine Magazine, IRELAND
Rachel Ankelry, Masters Student & Senior Lecturer University of Sydney
Tania Cammarando, Masters Student & Journalist, NSW
Alexandra Peters, Masters Student
Christine Salins, Food Writer
Gabriel Gate, Food Writer
Darren Simpson, Chef/TV Presenter, NSW
Geoff Lindsay, Owner/Chef Pearl Restaurant, VIC
Helen O’Neill, Journalist/Food Writer Weekend Australian Magazine, NSW
Kay Richardson, Director Children’s Food Education Foundation, NSW
Vinod Advani, Food and Wine Writer Times of India, Verve, MW, INDIA
Simon Marnie, ABC Radio Broadcaster, NSW
Peter Forrestal, Wine Writer, WA
Dorinda Hafner, TV Presenter/Author/Food Anthropologist

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