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ChocoMe Gourmet Chocolate Adelaide

Who doesn’t love receiving gift’s on Valentines Day? I can state for the record that I don’t mind at all. I was somewhat perplexed however when this turned up at my office on the day in question after my wife and daughter had both given me their Valentines Day gifts. It was however a gift of love that in this case demonstrates the love of its maker for the quality of its ingredients.

This bar of chocoMe Dark Chocolate was covered in exquisite Rasberry, Pistachio and Pink Pepper and is part of a personalised range of chocolates that are being produced here in South Australia.

ChocoMe Gourmet Chocolate Adelaide

chocoMe was established by Andrea Simko in Adelaide with the audacious idea to create perfectly flavored chocolates. Since “perfect” means a different taste combination for everyone, chocoMe can produce more than 60 million possible chocolate combinations. They use three different chocolate bases for their bars, all three purchased from Callebaut, the world’s leading manufacturer of premium quality chocolates:

- Fortina Finest Selection dark chocolate with 65.1 % cocoa content, a blend of Ecuador Arriba and Asian red cocoa
- Milk chocolate made of Ecuador Arriba beans with 39 % cocoa content
- White chocolate rich in Bourbon Vanilla with a 100% cocoa butter content

chocoMe chocolate bars can be combined with 80 different toppings (including a variety of organic toppings) – purchased predominantly from Australian growers and producers, with some imported ingredients.

Ingredients Combinations can include:

Freeze-dried and dried fruits such as strawberries, rasberries, cranberries, mango, goji or banana
Oily nuts such as macadamias, pecans or almonds
Edible flower petals like lilac or violet
Exclusive spices that enhance the taste of chocolate like ginger, coriander, chilli or cardamom
Fancy toppings such as genuine 23 karat edible gold, sea salt with red wine or crispy caramel

Up to five different toppings can be placed on each chocolate bar, which ultimately offers about 60 million possible combinations. With each bar of chocolate being handmade means you are getting a quality product that is personalised to your liking.

You can find chocoMe here: and you can also buy from selected stockists such as The National Wine Centre, Mercato, Icons Store SA (Adelaide Airport). A number of other stockists can be found on their website.

Any queries can be forwarded to Andrea at:

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